The Back of the Bus

Vancouver realtor Patrick O' Donnell.

From time to time, I'll run into a client out at a coffee shop, on the street or even at the playground with my kids, which is often where I hang out these days. In almost ten years in the business, I tend to recognize a lot of faces out and about. Every once in a while, I even see familiar faces in theatre programs, magazines or on TV! Recently, I've had the pleasure of seeing my clients on the backs of buses, when I least expect it. Strange, but true!

Vancouver realtor Clarence Debelle.

In fact, in the last couple of weeks, while driving, two of my real estate clients showed up on the back of buses, Patrick O'Donnell and Clarence Debelle. It reminded me how many creative ways there are to use headshots these days — on buses, social media websites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), business websites, business cards, among other places. It also reinforced the important role a headshot plays in creating a brand. To meet these needs, we now offer a special corporate package for you and two of your friends for only $150.   

So, the next time you see a headshot on the back of the bus, it might just be the work of yours truly! 

Social Media Headshots a Success!

Social media headshots.

Even though it might not be advised to plan any event on Friday the 13th, our Social Media Photo Day was a great success. Thanks to the 14 brave souls who arrived on time at the studio for their 15-minute headshot sessions. Since all the sessions were inside, we didn't need to worry about the weather, even though it was bright and sunny outside. Unfortunately, one can't always plan for sun in Vancouver!

What made this day so fun for me was the opportunity of working with so many diverse people.  Included in the group was a graphic designer, yoga teacher, CEO, financial experts, computer specialists, leasing consultant, property management consultant, architect, among others. With social media so important to pretty much everyone in business, and to those looking for work, it was nice to see the value people are now placing on a professional headshot for their online profile. The cropped photo from the friend's party just doesn't cut it anymore!

What made the day so great for my clients was the convenience of a quick, relaxed session with professional results. Within a few days of the session, all clients had access to their top three shots for instant upload to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or their business websites. I also heard people liked the fact our studio is centrally-located in Vancouver with plenty of parking. Aside from these benefits, all the clients mentioned the 50% discount was the best deal in town. I mean, where else can you get a professional social media headshot for $75!   

We are already looking forward to our next full day of headshots. Make sure to email us at if you are interested. In the meantime, enjoy seeing your friend's friendly, professional face, if you happen to know any of these great people!