Corporate Group Special

For those interested in a straightforward, professional image for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or other social media, our corporate group special is for you. Contact us in advance, book a time for you and two of your friends and come by the studio for your 15-minute session. We'll put you in the best light, get two or three poses and email you the best three shots within a day so you can start using your image right away.  

Research shows that people do business with people they like and trust. Research also shows that personal branding is more and more important for career advancement and business success. It's a simple fact that people are less likely to click on a your social media profile if it is missing a photo and are less inclined to believe Web-based content if the contributor's photo is missing.

“Businesspeople, take note. Humans are visual: we think largely in images, not words. What consumers, clients or employees can’t see is most likely going to be lost on them. A picture is worth a thousand words.”

                                                                                                                            Emotionomics by Dan Hill


At $150, we are certain you won't find a better value!