Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is included?
As described in the promotion, your voucher includes a ten to fifteen-minute, in-studio photo session against a white backdrop, an online gallery containing up to 10 proof images and one final image enhanced for web use. During your session, we will try up to three poses to provide you with a variety of images to choose from. To get an idea of the type of headshot you will end up with, have a look at our social media headshots gallery.

2. What is not included?
If this isn't the first question you have, we figured it would be the second. Not included in your headshot is makeup and hair (although we do have an excellent makeup artist you may hire offsite prior to your session), custom retouching of hair, wrinkles, skin, etc. (although we do enhance your image for the web), a high-resolution image for printing (although you may certainly purchase this later), and extra images for the web (although you may purchase other shots if you just can't live without them). 

3. Are there any limitations on how can I use my headshot?
It's your image, so you may use it as you need, on LinkedIn, Twitter or some other social media service, online dating sites, conference website, or your website for your business. 

4. When does the deal expire?
All vouchers must be used by October 11, 2014. Of course, you may book your headshot after that date, but the price goes up to $150.

5. When and how do I book my appointment?
At the moment, we have set aside two Fridays a month for Living Social bookings, from 10am-5pm. Once we receive an email from you requesting a time, you will be directed to an online booking link where you may choose a time. If the Fridays get booked up, or we receive lots of requests for other days, we may add another day of the week.

6. How long is my appointment and where does it take place?
Your appointment will last about 10-15 minutes and will take place at our centrally-located studio downtown Vancouver, just below the Burrard Bridge. Due to our anticipated tight schedule, it's important you arrive on time. 

7. How soon after my appointment will I see my proofs?
Within a few days of your session, you will receive an online gallery containing up to ten proofs, from which you may select one image.

8. May I choose more than one image? 
One image is included in your package, but you may purchase another web images for $10 or a full-size printable file for $40.

9. What if I'm not happy with the way I look in my headshots?
Let's face it -- we all have an off day. While we are willing to re-shoot at no cost if we have a bad day, we are not in a position to re-shoot if you have a bad day. If you didn't get enough sleep the night before, or you came in stressed out because of the traffic, or you just didn't feel yourself, you may book another session for $100, representing a $50 discount off our standard rate.   

10. Can I buy vouchers for my entire team?
Absolutely, you may purchase vouchers for your entire team, whether tea of 2 or 50.

11. What happens if I am late or can not make my appointment?
Since we will be on a very tight schedule, and have allowed up to 15 minutes per person, it is highly important you arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may lose your spot. If you need to cancel, we will need at least 24 hour notice, or your voucher will be forfeited as per the promotional policy. However, we will do our best to find you another time.

12. Do you offer makeup and hair styling?
For this product, we do not offer on-site makeup and hair, but we can recommend a professional makeup artist/stylist who will be available off-site. Otherwise, you are responsible for your own hair and makeup prior to the session. Please be advised there will not be time for makeup and hair while at the studio.